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Traveling Petting Zoo for Nursing Home Animal Therapy in Ohio

Jungle Island Zoo LLC provides a mobile petting zoo for senior centers in Ohio. Pet therapy is a low-stimulation form of therapy for senior citizens, especially those living in nursing homes. Pet therapy can help increase mental and physical activity, as well as increase individual self-esteem.

Because it’s not always possible to have pets living in your senior center, our professional animal experts are here to bring their benefits right to you.

We take pride in our passion for native wildlife, alternative and domestic livestock, and exotic animals. We enjoy sharing our love of the animal kingdom with others in a safe and organized environment!

Petting Zoo for Senior Centers

Our petting zoos are the perfect entertainment for children and adults. When we visit your nursing home in Ohio, we will select various animals to interact and entertain your group safely. We’ll even provide education presentations, so our audience can learn more about our animals and where they come from.

Don’t worry about leaving your building. We’ll bring the zoo to you! We are mobile and travel around Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Are you interested in our services?

Benefits of Animal Therapy

Even small interactions with animals are known and scientifically proven to benefit children and adults of all ages. Because we have access to some of the world’s most unique animals, we offer a mobile petting zoo for nursing home animal therapy in Ohio.

Here are some ways animal interaction can benefit you:

– Physical Health

    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Improves cardiovascular health
    • Releases endorphins
    • Helps aid physical pain

– Mental Health

    • Lessens depression
    • Decreases feelings of isolation
    • Encourages communication
    • Provides comfort
    • Decreases anxiety

– Literacy Support

    • Improves literacy skills
    • Creates a non-stressful environment
    • Increases self-confidence

Hiring a Mobile Petting Zoo for Your Nursing Home

Jungle Island Zoo has over 75 years of combined experience professionally raising and handling native wildlife, alternative and domestic livestock, and exotic animals. Our president, Ben Osting, has traveled the United States transporting, captivating, handling, and relocating animals. You can trust us to provide a safe petting zoo for your senior centers.

Contact us today to learn more about our traveling petting zoo for nursing home animal therapy in Ohio.