Kentucky Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo for Kentucky Carnivals, Fairs, Schools and Live Nativity Church Events

How amazing would it be to have various friendly, funny, lovable creatures that will steal your heart at your next event? Well, with Jungle Island Zoo, LLC, you can! Whether it’s a carnival, fair, school, or church event, our exotic mobile petting zoo will come to you. They are sure to create a unique, unforgettable experience for your next event.

Your guests can anticipate experiencing up-close interactions with animals such as mini zebus, alpacas, yaks, camels, antelopes, deer, kangaroos, tortoises, sheep, goats, and potbellied pigs. We also have a traveling Wild Bird Encounter that we can bring with us too!

Animal Rentals for Christmas & Holiday Parties

If you’re having a holiday party, go above and beyond for your guests we offer animal rentals for Christmas and holiday parties.

Because we want to create a magical and memorable experience for you and your guests, we also provide photo opportunities so your visitors will go home with a memory that will last a lifetime!

Pony & Camel Rides for Birthday Parties, Fairs, and Festivals

Whether it’s your birthday or your child’s birthday, you’re never too old to have an exotic animal at your party. Jungle Island Zoo, LLC, has everything that you could need to host an unforgettable birthday party. Whether you prefer pony or camel rides, your guests will be thrilled to partake in this unique experience.

For our pony rides for birthday parties, fairs, and festivals, we’ll provide various sized ponies that can accommodate a wide range of children. All we need is minimal electric hook-up for our photos or night-time events.

As for our camel rides for birthday parties, fairs, and festivals, our friendly and well-trained camels lover to interact with the guests, our camels are entirely self-contained. All we need is access to electricity, water, and a level area.

If you’re hosting an event in Kentucky, don’t forget to contact Jungle Island Zoo, LLC, for an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience